Why Play Poker in a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin Casino - poker

Online casinos are becoming tremendously popular these days. They offer not only a plethora of games but also free spins and bonuses. But these games always carry certain risks. Newbies should, therefore, try their hand at free games before starting with real money.

Variety of Games are available in Bitcoin casinos

Some of the most sought after games in online casinos are slots, video poker, table games, and specialty games. Table games refer to games like blackjack, pai gow poker, and baccarat.

Specialty games are games such as craps or roulette. The slots in online casinos have 3,5 or 7 reels. They can include progressive jackpot where the amount of winnings increases with every bet whether you win or lose.

Pai gow poker includes 52 cards and an additional card of the joker. 

In the game of pai gow poker, the player aims to create two hands. One small hand consisting of 2 cards and one big hand consisting of 5 cards.  The rank of the small hand is lower than the rank of the big hand. 7 cards are given at a time to each player. The game begins when a dice is rolled to get a number between 1 and 7. The player whose number appears on the dice begins the game.

Bitcoin casinos offer lower rake percentage

Bitcoin casinos take a lower commission from the poker players. They take a rake as low as 1%.  This is because Bitcoins have high value due to which casinos are able to incur huge profits. Moreover, the transactions are also very quick and the transaction fees to transfer money to accounts of players are minimal in the case of Bitcoins.

How to Start Playing Poker with Bitcoin

First, you need to research and find a poker website that accepts Bitcoins. Then you need to access the cashier page and opt for the option of Bitcoin. You need to pay the money to the Bitcoin address to get started. For starting this process, you need to get cryptocurrency from a cryptocurrency exchange. 

To purchase such cryptocurrency, you need to deposit money into the account in USD. You can make payments using a credit card or debit card. You can then acquire an online wallet to store your Bitcoins. You can also opt for a paper wallet. This paper wallet contains your private and public keys. Once you have purchased the wallet, you transfer your cryptocurrency to it. The next step is to register on an online poker site and start playing with Bitcoins.

Benefits of Playing Poker in a Bitcoin Casino 

There are numerous benefits of playing poker in a Bitcoin casino. Firstly, since the casino uses provably fair algorithms, you know how you win or lose. Secondly, there are many offers on poker games provided like the initial bonus. You can get either free spins or an initial bonus of 5 dollars. You have to pay a lesser commission or rake while playing poker in a Bitcoin casino.


You can play poker anonymously in a Bitcoin casino. You can also get rakeback which is the Bitcoin casino reimbursing a percentage of your commission (rake). Generally, Bitcoin casinos don’t ask for extra information apart from the wallet address. You will also require a username to register on the site. 

The withdrawals through an online casino of this kind are made in a time frame of less than one day, whereas with fiat money, payments can take up to 3–5 days. So, now you know all the reasons why playing poker in a Bitcoin Casino can be truly rewarding.

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